"The employees are so friendly and they genuinely care about each of my kids. They challenge my kids to be better, not just in their field of expertise, but better people overall. I would not change one thing about your team. We feel like they are a part of our family."

"You meet kids where they are at and raise their bar to get them where they need to be in PT, OT, and Speech. Always kind and friendly!"

"They make therapy a FUN experience! My daughter looks forward to going and we've seen amazing improvement!"

"You have always been on top of research for what my child needs and ready to address any new issues."

"I really like that every appointment you ask what I think he needs to work on and ask how he's been doing the last week. He really enjoys coming!"

"Everyone is very friendly, from the time we walk in the door through the whole session and to the time we leave."

"Every week I watch your staff work and play with these children and it doesn't matter what type of mood they are in, they are happy and helpful, which I know dealing with some special needs children can't always be easy. I appreciate all of you so much and thank you for all of your help with my child."

"Very compassionate, understanding, patient, and hardworking staff. I highly recommend!"

"Friendly, knowledgeable and very caring. My son loves his therapists."

"Friendly, personal, and excellent service."

"You help advocate for my child, as well as do a good job working with him. My son looks forward to his appointments!"

"Compassion, very flexible with schedules and they take the time to get to know my child."

"It's such an inviting and productive atmosphere. My daughter's therapist makes her feel right at home, which says a lot with her social anxiety."

"The therapists care about my daughter and her progress like you would your own child."

"You listen to the concerns of parents and try and adapt a plan that suits the child. You have had great patience and we truly appreciate everything you do!"

"I like feeling welcomed whenever I bring my son. Even when he first started going there and was having difficulty, nobody ever gave up on him."

"The therapists show kindness and compassion to my kiddo!"

"Friendly staff who is always willing to trouble shoot ideas, explain insurance, and work with families."